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Farside Equity Fund

Farside has one product, the Farside Equity Fund. The fund is open to investors and actively managed. The fund invests in listed equities across the world, with a long only and long term approach. The equities either directly operate in the cryptocurrency space or have the potential to participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Bitcoin ETF Flow Data

Farside provides daily ETF flow data, in US$ millions, for the US spot Bitcoin ETFs. The data is updated in real time. Updates typically occur in the evening and night (US time).

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Published Books

Our team has authored two books on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space: “The Blocksize War“, published in March 2021 and “Reckless: The Story Of Cryptocurrency Interest Rates“, published in November 2022.

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Founded in 2023, Farside Investors is a London based investment management boutique, specialising in global equities & cryptocurrency. Our team has over 14 years experience investing professionally in public equities and cryptocurrency and has won several investment awards, including the Morningstar “Excellent Fund Award“.

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